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Carpets & Rugs at Add's/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home in Bellflower, CA

We have a wide variety of Soft Surface floors at Add's/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home. Whether you are looking for a carpet, rug, or an area rug to add some pop of color to a room, or professional design team will be there with you every step of the way. Carpet and rugs have come a long way over the years with more colors, textures, durability, and cushion backings, and you will be sure to feel confident in your new carpet or rug.  

To learn more about our soft surface flooring options, contact Add's/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home today or visit our showroom in Bellflower, CA. 

Living Room Flooring Ideas

  • Carpet Installations: Have you ever given much thought to how your floor will be installed? 

  • Carpet Trends: Adding new carpeting to any home is a great way to revive and refresh the interior.

Carpet Tips & Tricks

  • Carpet Fading: With these six steps, you can prevent fading and keep your carpeting beautiful for years to come. 

  • Removing Hair from Carpet: Your carpet should always look its best, so get rid of that stuck on hair. 

Top Rated Carpet Brands

  • Top 5 Best Carpet Brands: Karastan, Innovia, Lees, Karastan, & Tigressa H20.

  • Karastan: Strong carpet fibers that prevent fading.

  • Tigressá®: Carpets that will standout for years.

  • Shag Carpets:Carpet flooring is one of the most versatile options around. Carpet is available in a wide array of sizes, pile heights, colors, fiber materials, textures and more.

  • Lees: Our Lees carpet lines include a Titanium warranty on the life of the carpet (which includes pet stains) which ensures great quality.

  • Lees Carpet: Lees is one of the toughest carpets in the industry, and is exclusively sold at Carpet One stores.