Types of Carpet

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What are The Different Types of Carpet?

Carpet flooring is one of the most versatile options around. Carpet is available in a wide array of sizes, pile heights, colors, fiber materials, textures and more. Carpet style is the determining factor in how a carpet will appear on the surface. It also affects how a carpet with perform. There are two common carpet styles, and they are called cut carpet and loop carpet.

What Type of Carpet is the Softest?

Cut pile carpet is the most popular type of carpet used in residential flooring. It gets its name from the cut ends of yarn that make up the carpet. Cut pile carpet can come in a variety of types.

There are 5 major styles of cut pile carpet, including:

Saxony Carpet: Saxony carpet features twisted yarn and a tufted appearance. Saxony is heat set and is crush-resistant and durable.
Frieze Carpet: Frieze carpet features highly twisted yarn. Frieze is mat resistant and is heat set to feature a surface curl. 
Shag Carpet: Shag carpet features long and twisted yarn and has a deep pile. Shag is best used in low traffic areas since it can mat easily.
Velvet Carpet: Velvet carpet features straight and low twisted fibers. Velvet is not heat set and has a very smooth and soft surface.
Cable Carpet: Cable carpet features thick and loose yarn and a high pile. Cable is also twisted, which shows in the appearance.

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