How to Prevent Carpet Fading

6 top tips to keep your carpet looking newer longer

How To Prevent Carpet Fading

Your carpeting is an investment in your home. It provides a warm and cozy environment that welcomes your loved ones. It's also critical to the decor and visual enjoyment of each room. Sinking your feet into brand new carpet just after installation is one of life's little enjoyments, but you have to protect that investment over time. With these six steps, you can prevent fading and keep your carpeting beautiful for years to come. 

Carpet Fading Causes

  1. Close your blinds when you aren't home or in rooms that aren't frequently occupied. Besides the drink spills and other accidents that come naturally with daily life, sunlight exposure is the biggest threat to your carpeting. By simply leaving the blinds closed when you aren't in the room, you can limit carpet fading from ultraviolet light. 

  2. Treat your windows with a clear coating that blocks sunlight. This will provide further protection for your carpet even when you do have the curtains drawn back and the blinds rolled up. To control the cost of treating your windows, consider coating windows only in rooms that receive the most sunlight or in which you spend most of your daylight hours. These coatings are sold in various colors, so make sure to find a clear product. 

  3. Schedule routine carpet cleaning services. Professionals trained to keep carpeting in great condition will offer a lot of advice that is specific to your home. They are a great resource of information for keeping your carpeting true to color while maximizing the life of the carpet. 

  4. Encourage members of your household and guests to take their shoes off when walking through your home. This may help prevent discoloration of carpeting that is located in areas with heavy foot traffic. Allowing your carpet cleaning professionals to treat those areas regularly will help with this as well. 

  5. Treat spills and other accidents immediately, but don't use cleaning products that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. Natural cleaning solutions like a mixture of salt and hot water are effective for cleaning up some messes and may even reverse subtle fading. You can talk to your carpet cleaning professionals for cleaning product recommendations that are available locally. 

  6. If you're still concerned about carpet fading in certain areas of your home, consider applying a fluorocarbon treatment directly to the carpeting. While these products are typically used to protect against stains and other damage that comes with heavy foot traffic, it can provide some protection against fading as well. You will need to reapply the product occasionally for continuous benefits, and your carpet cleaning service may have recommendations for the best products for your carpeting. 

These steps don't require a lot of time or money, but they can extend the life of your carpeting and protect your investment.

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