Mannington Hardwood

Style and Strength

What is the Best Hardwood Flooring to Buy?

At Add’s / JSS Carpet One, we are proud to say we aren’t a big box store, for we offer flooring brands you won’t see anywhere else. Also, we don’t offer anything less than high-performance floors, including the ever popular Mannington Hardwood collections.  

Known for its environmental attributes, Scratch Resist technology, and on trend designs, Mannington hardwood will exceed your expectations.

Best Scratch Resistant Flooring

Hardwood floors aren’t typically found in high traffic areas of homes, but Mannington hardwood challenges that with its Scratch Resist coating. This patented coating allows you to live on your hardwood floors due to its engineered construction and Aluminum Oxide. Hearing the word Aluminum Oxide might be concerning if you don’t know what it is, but rest assured because all Mannington hardwood floors are VOC free and promotes better indoor Air Quality. Additionally, the Aluminum Oxide ensures the hardwood floor will maintain its look longer by resisting everyday scratches. The Scratch Resist technology works hand in hand with the engineered construction for greater dimensional stability. Another benefit to this construction is that it allows the hardwood to be installed below, on, or above grade.

How Long will an Engineered Wood Floor Last?

Durability in your hardwood floor is the top priority, but the style is just as important. Why compromise? Mannington hardwood has an in-house professional design team that keeps up with trending home fashions. By doing so, they can develop unique hardwood floors that add a twist on classic looks. In addition, the Mannington design team incorporates modern with timeless style. Their use of new color palates is added to the traditional wood species which creates an updated look to the classic hardwood appearance.

Having a hardwood floor that will sustain its strength and appearance isn’t the only benefits to Mannington hardwood. It is also environmentally responsible. What does this entail? Mannington only makes engineered hardwood because it uses half as many trees, their mill waste is reused for energy, and they are a member of the Hardwood Forestry Fund. With Mannington Hardwood you can have a hardwood floor that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and stylish. That’s an investment to feel good about.

To learn more about Mannington Hardwood, contact Add’s/JSS Carpet One today. Or, visit our showroom in Bellflower, CA. and check out our large Mannington Hardwood display.