Lees Carpets

Stain resistant carpet made for high traffic

Best Pet Friendly Capet

That feeling of complete comfort after a long day of work can be lost with an old worn out carpet. You may be thinking about giving up your soft surface floor for an easy to maintain LVT or vinyl floor. However, seeing that we exclusively offer LEES Carpet at Add’s/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home in Bellflower, CA, you may want to rethink giving up on carpet. 

Stain Resistant Carpet

You may be wondering what is so great about LEES? Yes, the dog commercials and the puppy covered in dirt are cute, but what are the benefits?  If you are the type of homeowner where every room is a high traffic room thanks to kids and pets, then LEES will be your new best friend.

Best Carpet for Pets and High Traffic

Not only is Lees the perfect cushion for your kids to play on safely, but it is incredibly soft. Some might go far as to say there LEES carpet is a great place for an afternoon nap. We wouldn’t recommend that though!

Best Carpet Brands

Nonetheless, dirt, mud, pet hair, and food are never a friend to your rug, and that’s where LEES makes the difference. LEES is considered to be the toughest carpet because it is stain resistant and easy to maintain. Additionally, LEES can stand up to the everyday wear and tear in your home and will retain its beautiful look and texture for years to tome. 

If style is more important than strength, you will be happy to know that LEES offers plenty of colors and patterns to fit your home décor. 

To learn more about the LEES collection contact Add’s/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home in Bellflower, CA.