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Laminate flooring durability and top features

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Our homes are our havens, and for many, our homes are representations of ourselves. Time and traffic can wreak havoc on our private sanctuaries, but there is an easy way to give your home a face lift without draining your bank account in the process.

Wooden Laminate Floors

A new floor is usually all that is needed to completely rejuvenate a space, whether it is worn out or just overdue for a change. Wood floors add instant elegance to any floor plan and don’t hold dirt and bacteria the way carpet does. Yet, wood flooring comes with its own drawbacks, as wood can be incredibly high maintenance and less than idea when it comes to weathering over time. Traditional hardwood floors are also often very expensive to install, making them less attractive as an option for the conservative homeowner.

The solution, which so many interior decorators are turning to, is laminate flooring. The base of a laminate floor, made of compressed wood fibers, is generally the same as regular hardwood flooring. One major difference in laminate flooring is that it those fibers are covered with a coat of resin that gives the material durability unrivaled by carpet or traditional hardwood.

Laminate Flooring vs. Hardwood

The top layer of the material is actually a high definition photograph of whatever type of wood you choose. This is why laminate flooring is credited for giving the homes where it is installed a charming, picturesque appearance.  It is completely customizable, making it easy to pick the best laminate flooring to suit your tastes, match your furniture, etc. In fact, if you wanted to, you could purchase laminate flooring that resembles elegant marble or stone, without creating the same hard pressure on bare feet.

In addition to being sturdy and stylish, one of the best laminate flooring features is that it is also very safe. It resists fire, moisture, and stains unlike any carpet you’ve ever tread upon. It’s easy to clean and will stay looking with little maintenance.  A simple broom and dust pan are all that's needed for daily clean up.

There is a reason professionals in the interior design industry are turning to laminate flooring more and more frequently. In fact, there are lots of reasons!

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