Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Tile vs. Laminate

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Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Hardwood floors usually look elegant in any room. However, you might want to install tile flooring or laminate alternative in your kitchen. These non-wood materials are usually more practical if you have pets or children.

Tile Flooring for Kitchen

Advantages of Tile

Tile provides a similar elegance to wooden flooring. However, it is easier to wipe clean. Water and other spills also will not soak
into it, nor will liquid damage it. Furthermore, the material usually lasts a long time and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. 
Kitchen tile prices vary depending upon material used. Oftentimes, ceramic or porcelain is used to create them, and they are typically coated with a seal to further prevent damage. Some of the most popular types include ones that look like natural stone or wood. 

Kitchen Wood Laminate Flooring

Advantages of Laminate

This material is one of the most economical types of flooring used in the kitchen. The fun part about this alternative to wood or tile flooring is that it often is made to replicate wood grain. You can order it in just about any color or design. It wipes clean just as easily as tile. Just use a mop and some water and your favorite brand of floor soap. It will not absorb spills and liquids unlike wood. Furthermore, it lasts for a considerable amount of time. 

What Flooring is Best for Kitchens?

Tile or Laminate -- Which is Better?

The decision to choose kitchen tile or laminate flooring is not always an easy one. Making some comparisons can help you make your choice. 
Tile floor is quite durable -- usually last longer than laminate. It also dos not wear in high-traffic areas as would the laminate floor. It also does not rip or tear, although it could chip or crack. In any case, the tile can usually hold the weight of appliances with no sign of floor indentation.  Laminate, on the other hand, is softer on the feet. It is also less expensive than tile.   It also stays closer to room temperature than tile. However, tile flooring usually has a more elegant appeal.

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