Karastan Carpets and Rugs

A top rated carpet brand with beauty and strength

Top Rated Carpet Brand

Karastan Carpets & Rugs are considered to be the “Best of the Best” and the “Premiere Carpet Brand.” Would you expect us to offer anything less at Add’s / JSS Carpet One? Here are the top five reasons why you should choose a Karastan Carpet & Rug for your home:

Durability & Quality

Karastan Carpet & Rugs are one of the most reliable carpet brands in the industry due to their construction. Known for their quality backings, finishes, and durable fibers, Karastan is able to stand up to the everyday wear. In addition, the strong carpet fibers prevent carpet fading.

Sustainable Carpets

Karastan is a reliable brand because it is sustainable. The quality backing, carpet fibers, and high density prevent liquids from soaking into the carpet, carpet padding, and subfloor. The Karastan Carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for stronger performance. Active families can cause your carpet to fade, rip, or tear overtime, but the Karastan carpet and rug constructions are made to last long. 

High Density Carpet

The high pile yarn, closeness of weaves, and high pile yearn in Karastan Carpet & Rugs is what gives the carpets its more defined look and strength. 

Karastan Carpet Colors

All Karastan products are created with craftsmanship in mind. Being a premiere carpet brand means that Karastan is able to provide luxurious looks while also allowing families to live on the floor. Choose from modern, contemporary, exotic, and traditional looks to dress up your living room, bedroom, or basement. Additionally, you are able to pick between a woven or tufted structure for more textured looks or softer feel. 

Carpet Texture

Having a carpet or rug in your home provides warmth and comfort. Karastan’s density and closeness of weaves ensure a softer carpet you long to come home to after a hard day at work. 

Karastan Carpet Dealers

To learn more about Karastan Carpets & Rugs, contact Add’s / JSS Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Bellflower, CA. 

Top rated carpet brand