Invincible Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Water resistant and sustainable

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Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

What exactly are you looking for in your next floor? Eco-friendly or durable? Waterproof or stylish? Whatever you are looking for, Add’s/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home has the widest selection of hard surface floors, including the popular LVT floors. 

When it comes to LVT, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Your flooring investment should be worth and, and you should be able to check everything off your list of “must haves.”

Wood Tile Flooring

The Invincible LVT collections are considered to be one of the toughest LVT floors in the industry. Not only is Invincible incredibly durable, but is indistinguishable to real hardwood.  With Invincible, you get all the looks of real hardwood but without the hefty price tag. 

The Invincible Moistureloc Seal is unlike any other LVT floors, for its easy click installation is so tight that it resists any water and dust from entering. 

How long do Vinyl Floors Last?

Invincible has received the nickname “tough as nails” for it is truly one of the most resilient luxury vinyl floors available. If you have a home full of rowdy kids and pets, Invincible has you covered with its dent, scratch, scuff, and stain resistant abilities. 

What is the Best Floor for a Kitchen?

Some hard surface floors may begin to expand, shrink, or contract under moisture or humidity. Not, Invincible LVT. Its strong foundation and water resistance makes it strong enough to prevent any expanding, curling, or gapping. 

Invincible LVT flooring has set the standards for all LVT flooring brands, but even with all its high quality capabilities, its new collection Invincible H20 raises the bar that much more by being completely waterproof. Its ceramic-fused finish gives the floor extra strength to stand up to the biggest challenges. 

To learn more about the Invincible LVT flooring brand, and the H20 collection, contact Add’s/JSS Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Bellflower, CA.