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When Should you Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Keep Your Floors Good as New with these Tips!

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great investment since hardwood is a natural and sustainable floor that can last the life of a home. Hardwood is scratch-resistant and durable while still being timelessly beautiful. However, like all floors, hardwood does require regular upkeep to ensure it is performing its best. Hardwood can occasionally require repairs. At Add’s/JSS Carpet One in Bellflower, CA, we provide hardwood floor refinishing services and are experts at sanding hardwood floors. See below to find out how to keep your floors clean and when to know if you need the professionals!

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood is prone to soil or dirt building up on the surface, so sweep your floors daily to prevent scratching or damage to the finish. Also, if you spill something, make sure to wipe it up immediately because liquids can stain and discolor the wood and moisture can cause hardwood to warp.


How to Clean Hardwood Floors

It is important to dry mop and mop less frequently for a better cleaning. Use a cleaner that is covered under your manufacturer’s warranty.

How do you Refinish Wood Floors?

If you think your floors are in need of repair or your usual cleaning tactics just won’t do, you’ll need to find the source of the problem. You can test if your floors need to be refinished by dropping a bead of water onto the floor’s surface. If the water beads on top, your floor’s finish is still good. If the water takes a few minutes to soak in, the finish is starting to wear. If the water soaks in right away, you definitely need to have your floors refinished to protect them.

And don’t forget, we can offer you these services on our custom made hardwood staircases, too!

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