Affordable Carpets

At Add's / JSS Carpet One, we are pairing the big LEES sale with our own carpet sale, which includes Innovia, Tigressa, Lees, and Karastan. Don't wait to upgrade your your floor! Sale Ends 5/31.

Read more below to learn about the available sale patterns, and how you can get a free upgrade on carpet cushioning. 

Get your favorite carpet brands like Innovia, Tigressa, & Lees at a low cost. There is no need to put off upgrading your floor with these affordable carpet prices. 

Get the Coupon for a Free upgrade on cushion at no additional charge. Be sure to print out your coupon and bring it into Add's / JSS Carpet One to get your free upgrade: Coupon

Tigressa Carpet

Tigressa Carpets have all the strength and power of a tiger, but the softness of its fur. With many exotic styles available, you can't go wrong with picking a Tigressa Carpet.

Tigressa Patterns on Sale:

Reg. Price Sale Price
  • Blankenship 3.09 SF          2.49 SF

  • Blamkenship Plus 3.50 SF          2.99 SF

  • Middle Valley III 3.48 SF          3.09 SF

  • Soft Vibe 2.60 SF         2.29 SF

Innovia Carpet

Known for being "Silky Smooth & Real World Tough" Innvovia Carpets are unlike any carpet you will every feel. You may even forget you have a bed because they are that soft. 

Innovia Patters on Sale:

Reg. Price Sale Price

  • Lofty Peak 4.61 SF         4.19 SF

  • Sweetheart 3.71 SF         3.29 SF

  • Sweetheart Plus 4.81 SF         3.99 SF

  • Cheers 4.25 SF         3.89 SF

Lees Carpet

Lees Carpets provide the relaxation you need, for you won't have to worry about spills or messes. Lees Carpet provides 4x the protection of traditional carpets, and offers beautiful styles. Learn more about Lees, and how "Strength Meets Style." Also, don't forget about out Lees National Promotion Sale. 

Lees Patterns on Sale: 

Reg. Price Sale Price

  • Dreamland 4.51 SF          3.99 SF

  • Friendly Introductions 2.80 SF          2.49 SF

  • Little Conversations -Tones 3.59 SF          3.19 SF

  • Little Conversations 3.59 SF          3.19 SF

Karastan Carpet

Karastan Carpets are considered to be the "Best of the Best." Karastan is truly a premiere carpet brand that offers both soft textures and style.

Along with our available Sale patterns, we are also offering a free Karastan Cushion upgrade at no additional charge. Click Here to get the Coupon: Karastan Cushioning

In order to get your free upgrade, coupons must be printed and brought into the store.

Karastan Patterns on Sale

Reg. Price Sale Price

  • Classic Brilliance 2.97 SF          2.69 SF

  • Edgy Chic 3.99 SF          3.09 SF

  • Ashton Heights 2.97 SF          2.99 SF

  • Urban Appeal 3.99 SF          3.39 SF

Mohawk Flooring

Mokawk Flooring provides gorgeous brand products. All your favorite carpet Brands such as Innovia, Lees, and Karastan are owned by Mohawk.

Mohawk Pattern on Sale

Reg. Price Sale Price

  • Carrington Grande 3.49 SF          3.19 SF

  • Crown Point 2.99 SF          2.69 SF

  • Windsurf 4.49 SF          3.99 SF

  • Windsurf - Tones 4.49 SF          3.99 SF

Carpet Sale

Don't miss out on more Shaw Patterns!

Special Values

Reg. Price Sale Price

  • CC70 2.69 SF          2.19 SF

  • CC80 3.19 SF          2.79 SF

  • CC90 3.99 SF          3.29 SF

  • Prestigious 3.09 SF          2.69 SF

  • Luxuriant 2.79 SF          2.39 SF