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Top Tile Designs

Tile is a very versatile choice for your home, and it is definitely not limited to just flooring. Tiles are usually made out of natural stones or ceramic clay and are cut and shaped into even pieces. Tiles are available in many sizes and can be shaped any way from square to rectangular to circular and more. Ceramic tiles can also be glazed with different colors or finishes that can add a special texture. Besides for flooring, tile is a great material for a kitchen backsplash or shower wall. This is because tile is waterproof and very easy to clean, so it will not get ruined by cooking stains or a moisture-filled bathroom. In need of backsplash ideas? We have plenty of samples in our showroom. Tile can also be used outdoors since it is durable and fade-proof, or it can even be used to line a fireplace border. Tile is fireproof so will not be ruined or pose danger near a fireplace.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

At Add’s / JSS Carpet One in Bellflower, CA, we create beautiful custom tile designs for flooring. We also create custom backsplashes and other kitchen tile creations. Whether you are looking for a monochromatic and clean design or a multi-colored checkerboard pop, we are here to help consult with you and bring your vision to life! For questions about our tile designs, products, or to get started with your next project, come and see us today! 

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